C. Aaron Russell (selection from new book, Lessons In Faith—learned the hard way)

jesus heals earKingdom Now (doctrine) teaches God is waiting on the Church to attain a state of physical earthly rule known as Dominionism, in which they believe not only are Christians to spread the Gospel to all nations, but they are to take over the world. In fact, they believe we are already living in the Millennial Kingdom right now. They believe God gave Man (Adam in Gen. 1:28) dominion over all the earth. Adam lost it to Satan in The Garden, but Jesus won back the rights to it for us on the cross. (Right so far, but then it takes a big wrong turn). Now (they believe) it is up to all Christians to begin creation of God’s Kingdom ourselves by seizing back dominion of the Earth and physically taking over.

They even have a plan, referred to as The Seven Mountains, in which they believe Christians are commanded to infiltrate government (including military), business, family, education, media, religion and the arts and entertainment. They take this very seriously, and believe it is our Christian duty to fight a global war (both spiritually and physically) against Satan to reclaim these Seven Mountains of influence in culture, in order for Man to once again hold dominion over the Earth. Kingdom Now takes a post-Millennial view on Jesus’ Second Coming, believing once we’ve accomplished creating a new God-centered virtual utopia, the world will be fit for Jesus to return at the end of the 1000 years to establish and rule The New Jerusalem (Heaven) for all eternity…

Imagine believing it is up to Mankind to take over the Church and Government, with a fight if necessary. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” Men tried to do that in the Middle Ages with the Crusades and the Inquisitions. Millions were killed in vain, falsely in God’s name. Man neither has the wisdom nor the compassion to judge, conquer or rule in righteousness. That is a plan that is closer to describing what the Anti-Christ and False Prophet will one day come to do. So many false doctrines would be extinguished immediately if more of us would just read our Bibles, believe the Word and just be patient and trust God.

A more modern example of religious zealots attempting to take over by force occurred in 1984, when a group of Jewish extremists attempted to blow up the Islamic Dome of the Rock, the Muslim’s most holy site, their shrine located on the Temple Mount (Mount Moriah), the exact location of where the Jewish Holy Temple once stood. It is the place where Abraham was sent by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac (Muslims believe it was Ishmael). The Jewish religious extremists believed (some still do) that God would not return while such an abomination as the Dome of the Rock is standing. Hence, by destroying it, their works would pave the way for God to establish His Kingdom. In other words, the plot was hatched by men trying to help God (treacherously). The attempt, along with another plot to plant bombs on six crowded Palestinian buses, was thwarted by the Israeli government and the Shin Bet (Israeli version of the CIA and MI6).

Jesus, in his final hours before the cross, addressed how His disciples are to fight in a well-known story that comes in two parts. After the Last Supper, as they were preparing to go to the Garden at Gethsemane, Jesus made an unusual request to the disciples. He told them to bring swords. There have been many bad teachings on this, and some believe that Jesus was instructing that there would be perilous times ahead, and there will come times to fight. It could seem like that at this point in the story, but let’s find out how it ends.

The story picks back up a bit later when the Romans and Jews accompanied by Judas came to arrest Jesus. The disciples asked if they should fight back with swords, but before Jesus answered, Peter struck and cut off the right ear of the servant of the Jewish High Priest. Jesus then asked permission of the officers to touch the man, who he then healed. Jesus demonstrated that though our instinct is to fight with the sword, we are to give love and mercy to our enemies. As discussed in Chapter Two, Paul described what a Christian is to carry into battle and it’s almost all defensive. We are to wear spiritual armor for protection. There is one offensive weapon to fight back with, a sword, but it is the sword of the Spirit—God’s Word (the Scriptures).

C. Aaron Russell—Christian writer, speaker and missionary at Men of Mind. Author of newly released book, Lessons In Faith—learned the hard way.

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  • Mamie Smith says:

    Thank you for the article.

    You are so right, “The kingdom of heaven is within us” not out there fighting with sword, gun and bombs. If we have dominion over the evil that is in our own thoughts, God will pave the way to accomplish it over materiality. We live, influence and heal by example–spiritual works, not just words.

    Love is the fulfilling of divine law, not hate, revenge and retaliation.

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